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WOW what an amazing collaboration! It’s amazing to see one of the worlds most influential, iconic models “WINNIE HARLOW” teaming up with one of the most iconic, influential hair brands “PAUL MITCHELL”.

JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS has always been at the forefront of change and diversity. So I suppose it comes as no surprise that they’ve teamed-up with someone that has been at the forefront for change, and diversity with-in the fashion industry “Winnie Harlow”, the woman who stands load and proud, fighting against any stigmas created over generations of fashion industry expectations, by embracing her stunningly natural beauty.

“JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE the power of self-expression with influential top model Winnie Harlow. As an advocate for redefining what’s beautiful and as our first-ever Global Ambassador, Winnie will inspire you to discover your best self” – JOHN PAUL MITCHELL STYSTEMS

It’s because of amazing support for change like this, that makes us proud to work with, and stock PAUL MITCHELL professional products. After all whenever Paul Mitchell set out to change something, they commit to it, and make it happen.

IT'S HERE!!! Clean Beauty from PAUL MITCHELL

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A revolution in product packaging, and sustainable hair care.


Is this the future of the hair and beauty industry? With the world becoming evermore populated, consumers becoming more conscious of the damage we’re all causing, and industries becoming bigger, things have to change, to stop the cycle of damage and destruction to our planet.

Once again PAUL MITCHELL have put themselves at the forefront for change. After over 40 years of consciously making a difference to the planet, having never tested on animals, as well as having they’re own re-plantation program, it was now time to tackle the problem of “product packaging”. After years of innovative research & design, they have come up with, a bio-based packaging which is 90% derived from sustainably and ethically harvested sugarcane, helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, which have a huge impact, contributing to climate change. As well as this they have reduced the profile of the plastic bottle caps, using 46% LESS plastic than they’re original caps, as well as making sure the bottles are 100% recyclable.


Sustainability doesn’t just stop at the packaging either, after all the substance is just as important as the style, right?! All of the “Clean Beauty” range is created using nothing but the best ingredients, grown, and harvested in the best way, using organic botanicals, with the whole range also being 100% vegan friendly, as well as with all Paul Mitchell products, 100% cruelty free.

“Our formulas are made with organic botanicals we grow on a bio-dynamic farm. We manufacture our products using good vibes and 100% certified clean energy, which helps reduce pollution and greenhouse gases. It’s the ultimate farm to bottle experience.” – JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS

So I suppose with all that said, there is only one question that remains un-answered! ARE YOU INVESTED IN SAVING THE FUTURE OF THE GENERATIONS TO COME?


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Who doesn't need a little bit of protecting!


OLAPLEX is a product that hit the market back in 2014 after being developed with humble beginnings within a Californian garage. Since then it has rapidly grown into one of the worlds best selling hair product brand ranges, thanks to some celebrity help from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and celebrity hair stylists, with Guy Tang being just one of them.

When OLAPLEX was launched, it was a salon exclusive brand designed to make the seemingly impossible, possible, by taking guests hair from black to blonde with-in a day (Granted this is an extreme example of what the product can do in the right hands, but not what we would recommend). From then the brand has quickly grown from a salon exclusive brand, into a “take home” product range, ranging from overnight treatments, to blow-drying and finishing products with the incredible OLAPLEX patented technology built with-in every product.

HOW OLAPLEX WORKS: The patented technology is a bond multiplier, which penetrates the hair structure, attaching itself to any existing natural bonds helping to strengthen, repair, and re-build the hairs structure from any damage, created from chemical damage such as colouring, perming, and chemical straightening, as well as damage caused by general wear and tear, from heated styling tools, and hair styling.

All together from my professional salon experience this has to be one of the most revolutionary products to have ever hit the hair industry, helping make Colour Specialists like myself bring the most incredible colours to life, by being able to push the boundaries, while also not only maintaining but, also improving the hair condition, especially when my guests start using the “take Home” products as well.

It's time to give back, thanks to the help of REFOREST'ACTION

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When you buy Tea Tree by PAUL MITCHELL your also giving back!


We can’t just take from the planet, and expect it to have no affect! This is why it’s so important to take action now why we still can. Making sure our future generations have a healthy environment to grow up in, and combat the effect deforestation is having on climate change.  

Thanks to TEA TREE (By Paul Mitchell) and REFOREST’ACTION teaming up together, it has given everyone a unique opportunity to help reforest the planet, from the comfort of your armchair. Tea Tree’s original goal was to plant 750 thousand trees by 2018, which has now been raised to 1 million my the end of 2022. Although this might just seem like a reforestation program it isn’t. It is also a humanity program, helping rebuild  communities who have been effected over the years from things like, erosion, deforestation, and natural disasters. Communities in countries such as Peru, and Haiti.

REFOREST’ACTION has managed to plant over 5 million trees, since it was established back in 2010, and thanks to them teaming up with Tea Tree, it has given them the opportunity to take the project to a much wider audience, while also helping fund the projects on a huge scale. All this is with thanks to people like yourself, who love nothing more than using, the best hair care products, while also taking a conscious decision on the affect we’re all having on the planet.

So thanks to REFOREST’ACTION and JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS for putting in the hard work for us, while all we have to do is support the cause, and look amazing while they do the hard work.

You can also plant a tree by visiting REFOREST’ACTION and using the unique code.